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Interview with MIYAVI, English version is updated - For People who love J-Rock

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October 13th, 2009

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08:20 pm - Interview with MIYAVI, English version is updated
 Miyavi Interview in English is updated!!!

Read it here!

‘雅-miyavi- to Embark on His Second World Tour'
What challenges is雅-miyavi- facing right now? 
Although it's September, one can still feel the lingering heat of the summer. Yet near sunset, it's becoming markedly cooler.
Autumn is steadily approaching.
This means雅-miyavi- will soon set off on his second world tour… 
Before leaving, 雅-miyavi- sat down with us for an interview.
First we asked him what he had been doing since his ‘Independence Day' in April. [He ‘graduated' from his management company and established a new management company called ‘J-glam Inc.'.] We then went on to discuss a variety of subjects, such as the forming of a new fan club that雅-miyavi- characterized as his new ‘family', and of course the upcoming NEO TOKYO SAMURAI BLACK TOUR… 
雅-miyavi- revealed to us his thoughts and feelings about his new endeavors, and also commented about recent developments. This interview signals the beginning of his concert tour! A must-read for雅-miyavi- fans all around the world!

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